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Arnett Hills Primary School

Wildwood Den and trail

Wildwood Den at Arnett Hills Primary School

Arnett Hills school has a fantastic amount of space in the school grounds but to one side of the playground there was an open grass space and a solid block of scrub that wasn’t really used by the children. We created a large Wildwood Den and trail here using spectacular pieces of oak – one section was over 200 years old.

We planted woodland wild flowers around the area and we cut channels and through the scrub to allow the children to access a mini woodland during play. The new play area not only provides a space for nature but it the children can now experience natural tree climbing, hanging, hiding, crawling and balancing - all Wildwood style.

Some quotes from the school children and headteacher:

"The flowers looked lovely and the poppies gave it colour throughout and a much more natural look. "

"The children are very positive about the Wildwood area. They feel it gives them a ‘great experience’, ‘you can just let your imagination wander’. "

"The children like the fact that it ‘fits into the nature around it’. They like the carvings too. "

"The surrounding area has been enhanced by the addition of wild flower planting. Children have seen the plants grow from seed and they keep an eye out for visiting pollinators. The Wildwood has been a great addition to our school. "

"It is really adventurous because you feel like you’re a climber with lots of different heights and tunnels you can go through” – Year 3 pupil.


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