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Schools & Early Years

If like us,  you believe that young people need nature and wildlife around them, then we can help. Wildwood UK can bring nature into your school along with natural tree climbing experiences.  Each play area we create is unique and on average our tree trunk structures will last over 50 years - making your investment work harder.

Risk and play

Our play structures provide an opportunity for children to explore their limits in a natural, tree climbing environment.  Free climbing on natural tree trunks also stimulates their imagination and helps broaden their perception of small risks during play. Most of our designs don’t require children to take turns, and this means they interact with each other more during play and help each other to climb. 

Nature deficit

Many school children are increasingly detached from the natural world and can spend most of their play time in school on tarmac or other artificial surfaces. As a haven for life and natural processes, our play areas help children discover the delicate creatures living around them. We hope that children playing in nature will grow up to protect nature as adults. 

Making learning go further

Our play areas also provide opportunities for curricular activities in subjects such as science, art and maths. We can provide support and advice on further learning to help you get the most out of your installation. 

Our play areas feature distinctive engravings that can be linked to local features, landmarks and history. These offer a chance for wider conversations about the area the children live in.

Wildwood Trails

Bringing nature to the smallest space, Wildwood Trails offer lower-level climbing, balancing and crawling opportunities, making it suitable even for a very small area.

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