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Wilder Climbs

Climb, jump, crawl, shimmy, children can enjoy wild natural play with our designs. They assess risk, explore their own limits and let their imagination run wild.

Play Safety​


Safety is our highest priority and all our play areas are designed within the principles of the Playground Equipment Standards EN 1176.

It's important not to remove all the risks otherwise children don't learn how to be safe and assess risk for themselves. We aim for a careful balance between challenge and excitement whilst eliminating unnecessary risk.

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David Yearley,
Head of Play Safety, RoSPA

"The Wildwood concept, as installed at Aldbury C of E Primary School, offers children a wonderful experience. They are free to engage in play and the natural environment, without being bound by the constraints of off-the-shelf playground equipment. The designer considers the principles of the playground equipment standard, so as to eliminate unnecessary risks, yet encompasses the concept of a living, changing play space."

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