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Play in nature

We create natural play areas,

wild places and nature experiences 

for everyone.


About Us

Wildwood UK was born from the desire to bring play and conservation together. We have over 25 years experience in managing wildlife habitats and 8 years in play area design.

Our aim is to create wild natural play areas, wild places and nature experiences for everyone. We promote healthy, active lives and advocate small risk taking during play. We hope to inspire and equip future generations to tackle climate breakdown and restore ecosystems.

Carbon and recycling

The large trees used in our structures have sequestered huge amounts of carbon over their life times. In creating our designs, we reconnect the trees with the ground and this continues to cycle carbon both in terms of decay and regenerating new plant generations that capture more carbon. We have no manufacturing emissions other than shaping the trees and hauling them to the project location. As such, our designs are carbon neutral. Most of our structures are biodegradable and will incur no disposal cost or impact any land fill site.

Sourcing timber

Our play structures are made primarily from English Oak. The trees are sourced from sustainably managed woodlands in the UK and can last up to 50 years. We prefer to support the UK forestry industry and will never import our timber. Not all of our trees have come from forest management, some trees are sourced from tree surgeons and other contractors. These trees are often destined for firewood and we'd rather see them release their carbon back into the soil.

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