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The Wildwood Dens & Trails

Every Wildwood Den™ is unique as the wood chosen for each location is different. Each piece of tree trunk and branch tells a story and this individual character is retained to make the Wildwood Den as wild and  natural looking as possible. The textures of the wood are varied and ever-changing, the irregular shapes and uneven surfaces provide wonderful opportunities for exploration and climbing.

What we do


We create wild natural play areas and space for nature.

We think a natural playground has to have nature living in it...

That's exactly what we do, we make wild natural play areas.

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Wildlife Habitat Creation

Our play areas aren't complete without trees, woodlands, shrubs and flowers to immerse children in the wild.

With our ecological expertise, we can create and enhance natural habitats in and around your natural play area. We literally put the 'nature' in natural play.

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