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Public Spaces

Our designs are ideal for areas where there’s a need to balance providing amenities with environmental benefits and preserving local character.


This could include commons, recreation grounds, community gardens, parks, housing developments, hotels, hospitals and pub gardens -anywhere where there's a desire to connect people with nature.

Our designs provide a refreshing antidote to typical manufactured play equipment. The natural untreated UK timber we use immediately attracts a wide variety of wildlife, connecting children, visitors and local communities with their environment. 

Our installations blend seamlessly and attractively with their surroundings, featuring distinctive carvings or sculptures that can be linked to your business, local features or history. This gives them a distinct and unique character. 

We can create habitats such as ponds, woodlands and wildflower areas for larger spaces, with linking trails.  We have extensive experience of working within the legislation associated with European Protected Species and designated habitats and landscapes.

Maintenance and lifetime

Wildwood Designs can last around 50 years depending on the conditions – about three times as long as a conventional wooden play area – and need minimal maintenance. There’s no need for paint or wood treatment, so the equipment is completely natural. 

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Some of our recent projects in public spaces...

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