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Little Chalfont Nature Park

For years, the dedicated team of people that look after this special place wanted a Wildwood Den. We finally got the go ahead to work in this wonderful place of history, nature and sculpture.

Our Den had to fit in perfectly with the natural surroundings in the park. We chose the most stunning pieces of oak that were destined to be firewood and placed them in the park for generations to come.

This Wildwood Den is one of our best, with huge intricate pieces of oak meshed together to get that giant hollow tree look we strive for. The Den blends in seamlessly with the surroundings and looks almost as if it has been there forever. We engraved the den with the park logo as well as other images of wild animals and plants.

This Den is likely to be in the park for decades, it will endure the seasons and provide a wild natural play area for many generations of visitors to the park.


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