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What we do

We design, create and install wild natural play areas. We can also create wildlife habitats around these.

Wildwood Dens - what are they?

Wildwood Trails - what are they?

Habitat Creation - what exactly is that / can it be?

Unlike most conventional play equipment, Wildwood Dens don't have instructions which means the potential for children to use their imagination and find new ways of playing is virtually unlimited.

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No plastic, no metal,
just Wildwood

The Wildwood Den is a play area and a wildlife habitat because all sorts of tiny creatures live in tree trunks.


Wild  Natural  Play

Have you ever known a child that doesn't like to climb trees or balance on a fallen tree trunk? Most children and most grown-ups can't resist it!

Wild flower meadows, ponds, woodlands...


In addition to our play areas we can create habitats such as ponds, woodlands and wild flower areas that connect our Wildwood Dens and Wildwood Trails.


We have extensive experience of working within the legislation associated with European protected species we can also advise you on how to comply with designated habitats such as SSSIs and SACs.

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